1. History of My Photography
  2. Services Offered
  3. Biographical Miscellanea

A History of My Photography

The sun turns the clouds outside my office window to cotton candy.

Other than a three-month photo class with a borrowed Canon AE-1 at Gould Academy, my interest in photography remained largely a subconscious gnawing until the late summer of 2005. Encouraged in part by the availability of almost-affordable digital SLR bodies and in part by the frequently dramatic sunsets outside my office window, I bit the bullet and bought a Canon 20D.

Since then, I've taken advantage of the learning resources available to me, the immediacy of digital photography, and the opportunities provided by a home in the mountains to cultivate my skills and capture the strongest images possible. Along the way, I've gotten into the business of selling prints. If you are organizing an event and would like to discuss photo coverage, feel free to drop me an email. I've also put together a portfolio, if you'd like to see samples of my work.

Services Offered

Biographical Miscellanea

Having been introduced to skiing before turning three, I continue to be hooked on the sport. I was lucky enough to attend a prep school in Western Maine's ski country and go to college just outside of Burlington, Vermont. Although Saint Michael's did not have a passes-for-everyone program during my attendance, I still found time to sneak away from the demands of my double-major and hit the slopes. During school breaks, I managed to do a bit of teaching, a bit of coaching, and some events department work.

After graduation, I returned to Vermont and joined Bolton Valley Resort, where I managed the computer network, phone system, and related gadgetry, in addition to working with other departments as the opportunity arose. By reducing my commute from miles to feet, I managed to find more time to be outdoors and to work with other departments at Bolton Valley, including a year spent teaching after-school ski lessons to local children and a year as a part-time ski patroller.

From Bolton, I travelled south to a position that included many of the same job requirements—flexibility, long hours in season, and management of diverse technology needs—at Killington Mountain School. Again, I found myself spreading into other departments as I took a growing role in the school's communications and marketing needs. What began as helping with copyediting and some photography turned into the lead communications role on campus, managing Twitter and Facebook communications, writing the weekly newsletter to parents, and becoming the de facto staff photographer.