By email

Please email; in general, I check email whenever I'm in the vicinity of my desk. However, if I don't happen to be in the office for a few days, your response might be a bit slow in coming (i.e. please follow up with a phone call if the matter is urgent).

By phone

For urgent business matters, feel free to call my cell phone at eight-zero-two three-two-four eight-three-zero-seven (I have the delusion that spelling it out should help avoid sales calls). Again, that is for urgent matters only (such as on-deadline editorial licensing discussions), and that is my cell phone. Please do not call it attempting to sell me anything, and please keep in mind that I am located in the Eastern U.S. and do attempt to sleep at night. Thanks.

By postal mail

Kevin Broderick
4302 Bolton Valley Access Rd. Suite #323
Bolton Valley, VT 05477